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About Sam

Sam was born on February 27, 2000 in Mt. Shasta, CA. We moved to Ashland, OR in 2001 and then to Marquette, Michigan in 2005. Sam made dear friends everywhere we lived. We returned to Mt. Shasta in 2010 and Sam graduated from Mt. Shasta High School in 2018. He attended College of the Siskiyous and graduated from the COS Fire Academy in May 2019. After that, Sam worked at the Lake Shastina Fire Department, attended school, and worked at Yaks and Sparky’s restaurants. Sam loved to work hard and be part of a team.

Sam loved adventures in the mountains with his friends, especially sunrise and sunset hikes. Like his Mom, Sam loved to work out and was a phenomenal athlete. Sam loved music, fashion, and above all else, he loved his friends and family.

To get a sense of who Sam was, all you had to do was watch him play with a child. He was so loving, gentle, and playful with little ones and they were drawn to him. Sam was the sweetest big brother and cousin anyone could ask for. He would have been a wonderful father.

Sam, you are the moon to brighten in the darkest hour. May you be happy, may you be safe, may you be at peace, and may you know that you were loved. Our love for you is eternal. 227.

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