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Courtney Chase

Phone: 530-925-2502

I am Courtney Chase, Sam's mom. Sam and I were always close. Our bond ran deep in many ways... our highly sensitive and curious personalities, our struggles with things in life that seemed easy to others, our caring for the younger three, running, etc.

 I love sharing Sam's story about his love for us and others, his hilarious and child like sense of humor, his passions,  insecurities, and his desire to help people in this confusing world. 

 I am a Life Coach, Grief Coach, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator, among other things.

I am here to listen, guide, coach, and find resources for you or your loved one.


Carter Chase

Phone: 530-925-0345

Hello my name is Carter Chase and I am Sam’s sister. Sam and I were really close and leaned on each other at different times. Losing Sam has built me into the person I am today. He guides me daily by helping me expand my passion of helping others. If you met Sam you'd immediately want to smile. He was so good at making everyone feel good about themselves. He would want you to believe in yourself and because of that, he inspires me to help others believe in themselves. Having him as my inspiration has pushed me to open my own business that I will soon be sharing with the world. 

I am here to support you, the same way Sam and I always supported each other. My family means everything to me and I would love to be a sister to anyone I can be.


Ashley Cain

Phone: 530-261-0916

I am Ashley Cain, A friend and old coworker of Sam's. Over the years, I have never been a stranger to navigating the rollercoaster of life. My experiences led me to many valuable lessons, a Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Education. I love to connect with young adults and families, as it led me to a teaching credential as well. I have always felt drawn to helping and supporting others.

Sam constantly inspired me to lead a life of love and laughter, and to continue to spread it anywhere I can. I am certified in Mental Health First Aid and Emotional CPR.

I am here to listen, guide, love, and understand anyone who contacts me. You are always safe and welcome here.


Maureen O'Sullivan

Phone: 530-949-9936

Hi, My name is Maureen O’Sullivan.  I have known the Chase family for more than a decade, watching Sam grow up from this crazy, high energy, loving little kid to an amazing, smart, loving, kind and inspirational young man has been my honor.  Being a mom of two young adults now, owning a business, being involved with our community is a daily challenge and enjoyment all wrapped up into one little package!   Working alongside The Chase Family and  our community is something that makes me smile daily and knowing we can help out our community, youth and young adults give me hope for our future!
I am certified in Mental Health First  aide as well as eCPR (emotional cpr).  I am happy and willing to help anyone who contacts me!

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